Mr. Muhammad Raziq Sanjrani

Managing Director(MD)


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  • Contact: (+92-81)9201646)
  • Address: Saindak Metals Limited. Gul Bagh Samungli Road Quetta,Balochistan (Pakistan).


I would like to take this opportunity to immeasurably appreciate Saindak Metals Limited’s dynamic role in developing and specifically transforming the lives of the natives of district Chagai and its neighbouring regions since 1974. We’d also like to take this chance to have a glance at the past and talk about SML as a whole. Saindak Copper-Gold Project (SCGP) of Saindak Metals Limited (SML) (formerly, Resource Development Corporation) was established on April 1974, under the Companies Ordinance, to plan, prospects, organize, execute and implement exploration, evaluation, extraction, production, development and marketing of minerals, metals and ore. The first project assigned by Federal Government of Pakistan to SML is Saindak Copper-Gold Project, located in Saindak, District Chagai of Balochistan Province. Saindak Metals Limited being the first Mining industry in Pakistan, intends for the exploration of Copper deposits in the Mineral rich district (Chagai) of Balochistan and in correlation to which, Saindak Metals Limited signed an agreement with Geological Survey of Pakistan, for drilling in the leased areas of SML in (Durbanchah and Chigendiq) for exploration of Copper and Gold. The present management of SML is also targeting to explore Dasht-e-Kain project which contains Copper prospects of 300 to 400 Million tons of Copper ore and Molybdenum. SML’s top priority is to largely emphasis the penurious province of Balochistan and its unheeded natives. As a semi government company owned by the Government of Pakistan, SML covering a wide variety services for the natives of Balochistan from community uplifting to sponsorship for the most deserving youth and healthcare to advancement planning. SML together is a corporate other than a resource leader in its community. An extensive range of social activities for enriching the natives of the region since 2005 towards Corporate Social Responsibility related activities.