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With the smooth enduring operations of the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) program; MCC Resources Development Company (Pvt.) Limited (MRDL) actively and efficiently undertaking the social responsibilities for the people of Saindak and Balochistan as a whole, by bringing benefits for the natives which ultimately would lead to the enhancement of the economic development in Balochistan and Pakistan as a whole.

Since 2002, MRDL in close collaboration/coordination with Saindak Metals Limited (SML) has spent Rs. 571.932 Millionon CSR related activities, including, Health, Education, Power Generating, Communication, Water Supply Schemes, Infrastructure, Employment etc. Since 2013 till 2017 MRDL has paid US$ 5.501 Million to Government of Balochistan for CSR related activities.


Installation of power-supply equipment for provision of 24 hours uninterrupted free electric supply for the project site surrounding communities and also for the neighboring villages, including; (Killi Saindak, Killi Sarwar, Killi Amalaf, Killi Noor Ahmed & Killi Syed Abad).


All the expenditures related to power-supply are entirely borne by MRDL.


  • On 26th December 2004, a magnitude 9.1 earthquake struck beneath the Indian Ocean near Indonesia, generating a massive tsunami that claimed more than 230,000 lives in fourteen different countries, one of the deadliest natural disasters ever recorded the Victims of Indian Ocean Tsunami were financially supported by donation with a joint contribution of SML & MRDL through Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources Government of Pakistan.


  • In 2007, a substantial amount was donated to District Chagai for supporting the local government in regards to providing relief to the flood affected victims of the area and in addition, in 2010, MRDL donated financial support for Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund for providing relief to the devastated flood affected people and IDPs.


In 2007, MRDL alongside with SML vigilantly identified and provided Computers, Desks, Chairs and bookcases to help reactivate the public library in Nokkundi, due to which the Public Library was dysfunctional.



  • MRDL constructed one model school at Saindak for the native children of district Chagai, with a positive approach for improving the educational and adequate availability of physical training facilities. Teachers of the school are being paid monthly remunerations and appropriate provision of textbooks, stationeries, desks, chairs and computers, distribution of 400 school bags, enabling the children of the surrounding villages to gain free quality education.


  • In 2011, Rs. 692,340/- were donated by MRDL to Mines & Mineral Department, Government of Balochistan for establishing of Mineralogy Institute.


  • In 2011, funds were donated to Nokkundi Development Fund to establish a digital library for the locals.


The process of initiating the Scholarships Scheme by Saindak Metals Limited initially started in 2010 with an optimistic approach to regularly carrying out the scheme every year; the objective of the scheme was to provide financial support to the needy and most deprived but yet talented youth of the focused district and rest of the province for obtaining quality education in well renowned secondary & higher secondary schools, cadet colleges and institutions around the country for grooming and enhancing the natural flair of the youth for developed & healthier future of Balochistan as resilient human resource.

Not every student is fated to treasure wild success in the world of academia; however, plenty of students are able to succeed where it counts the most in the real world. Scholarships are financial gifts; often provided by the companies, individuals or not-for-profit organizations that have benefited from the contributions of both the average and the extraordinary individual. Such scholarship opportunities for average students focused in district Chagai and rest of the province and are changing the face of their native communities which are no longer reserved just for the straight-laced academic.

Success in higher education is commonly demarcated by a student’s perseverance, progression (i.e., successful accrual of credit hours) and timely graduation. The management of Saindak Metals Ltd firmly focused only the richly deserved students of District Chagai and rest of Balochistan and took effective actions towards inducting the well-deserved genuine students into numerous well renowned institutions around the country.



Construction and establishment of state of the art Technical Training Centre at Dalbandin, to enhance the technical skills of the local youth of the region in exploring and exploiting the natural resources of the mineral rich District, as well as creating job opportunities. The Managing Director SML with coordination of MRDL management established the TTC at Dalbandin with a positive approach for providing technical and professional skills to the unskilled youth particularly in the Mineral and Mining fields to be helpful in exploring the natural rich resources of the district. The Centre would further help in strengthening the economy of the country in particular and a source for job opportunities for the demoralized youth of the area in general, this ingenuity will also attract foreign investors in mining sector to invest in establishment of mining companies where local technical human resource would be available which ultimately would lead to development of the area. 


Free medical services for the natives along with the nearby villages receiving free medical examinations, vaccinations, medicines on reduced prices. Apart from SML & MRDL employees, the local residents are also being facilitated in obtaining of treatment from Saindak Hospital.


SML in close collaboration with Balochistan Welfare Agency (BWA) a non-for-profit organization of Balochistan selected through Board of Directors of SML successfully conducting the initial process of identifying the patients needing rapid eye treatment and further established a free eye camps for the deprived and disadvantaged eye patients of District Chagai by providing, free eye treatment, lenses, glasses & medicines, awareness programs for the communities, (a highly backward and underdeveloped area of Balochistan with scattered population dreadfully lacking health facilities).



  • Basic necessities of life such as; Clean Drinking Water are lacking in the district of Chagai. In this connection, SML in close collaboration with Government of Balochistan initiated a Clean Drinking Water Supply Project for the inhabitants of the area. SML and Public Health Engineering (PHE) Department, GoB started a project for providing drinking water from Gath Baroth from a distance of approximately 64 KM away from Nokkundi. By the grace of Al-mighty ALLAH the project is successfully completed and functional.
  • Impeccable supply of purified/clean drinking water to the nearby villages together with supplying water to the law enforcing agencies such as; Frontier Corps, Police, BC & Levies. Spending a substantial amount each year for transportation of clean drinking water from Taftan to the project site Saindak.


  • According to SML 122nd Board of Directors meeting held on June 24, 2015 it was decided that, SML and MRDL under its Corporate Social Responsibilities, would develop a drinking water supply scheme at Taftan at estimated cost of Rs. 10 Million on equal shared basis. However, prior to commencement of the water supply scheme, according to the natives of the region, the actual need of the locals of Taftan was for a Basic Health Unit (BHU), in this regard, the general public and notables of the region approached MD SML and demanded for an essential need of a Basic Health Unit (BHU) instead, In accordance, the SML Board of Directors unanimously agreed and approved the conversion of water supply scheme to establishment of Basic Health Unit (BHU) at Taftan.












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